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Regularity criteria for the generalized MHD equations. Nauk 583—44 Google Scholar. Cite article How to cite? Commutator estimates and the Euler and Navier—Stokes equations. The critical Sobolev inequalities in Besov spaces and regularity criterion to some semi-linear evolution equations.

Logarithmically improved criteria for Euler and Navier—Stokes equationssubmitted Google Scholar. On regularity criteria for the n -dimensional Navier—Stokes equations in terms of the pressure. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: Unable to display preview.

Mathematics Subject Classification 01 | Mathematical Logic | Model Theory

On the regularity of weak solutions to the magnetohydrodynamic equations. Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics.

Some mathematical questions related to the MHD equations. On subect regularity results for the Navier—Stokes equations. Graduate Studies in Mathematics, vol. Translated and revised from the Spanish original by David Cruz-Uribe. On the regularity criterion of weak solution for the 3D viscous magneto-hydrodynamics equations.

Mathematics Subject Classification 1970-2010.msc.pdf

In this paper, logarithmically improved regularity criteria for the Navier—Stokes and the MHD equations are established in terms of both the vorticity field and the pressure.

Regularity criteria for the generalized viscous MHD equations.

Regularity criterion for weak solutions to the Navier—Stokes equations in terms of the gradient of the pressure. Remarks on regularities for the 3D MHD equations. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to 0210 access.

Regularity criteria for the viscous Camassa—Holm equations. Regularity criteria mwthematics the solutions to the 3D MHD equations in the multiplier space. Holt, Rinehart and Winston Inc.

Logarithmically Improved Regularity Criteria for the Navier–Stokes and MHD Equations | SpringerLink

The initial value problem for the Navier—Stokes equations. Conditions implying regularity of the three dimensional Navier—Stokes equation. Logarithmically improved regularity criteria for the Navier—Stokes equations in multiplier spaces. Regularity criteria for the 3D MHD equations in terms of the pressure.

Interior regularity of weak solutions of the time-dependent Navier—Stokes equation. Cookies We use cookies to improve your experience with our site. ID, 6pp Google Scholar.