Scanner works with Paint and Omnipage, so I know it’s not the scanner. The procedure is simple: The slider may bump at the end of the scan area! Jun 18, I recently purchased a laptop with a fingerprint reader, and just yesterday my fingerprint reader stopped working. I can use the printer and copy functions with no problems, so, I am assuming it may be something to do with the OS – Win 7 32 bit as I have tried using WIA and get the same results. Jun 2, The scanner is an Epson Perfection some years old but OK with 32bit but my searches have failed to finf a driver to work with Win 7 64bit. There is not one available on the HP web site, the latest is for XP.

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If someone has this device and wants to write driver Although this technician had access 2448cu pro the chat notes we did the installs again.

2448cu pro BearPaw TA Pro: Scantastik store claims nobody fujitsu, canon, xerox, etc. My name is Jeff. Were can I find software ;ro this scanner. Samsung 2448cu pro – The 64bit printer drivers install well.

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I also 2448cu pro see my emoticons in windows live messenger anymore either. View 5 Replies Similar Messages: Does anyone 2448xu anything differently? I have the Windows source code for some of these scanners. Maybe 2448cu pro as a USB storage device? Either they don’t know their product or I have a hardware problem although the scanner bed moves and I can make copies OK.

I’d llike the standard windows fax and scan program when i click the hardware button on 2448cu pro scanner not photoshop, that feels like overkill for regular documents. It is not supported by the Mustek backend.

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For a long time there was no reaction from HP to support their scanners. Neither the printer nor scanner are usb. The slider 2448cu pro bump at the end of 2448cu pro scan area! For Mustek scanners that are not supported currently all available information is listed.

I know I should pick channels 1,6,or 11 but not 2448cu pro any device other then my ps3 I cant run a channel scanner. Is there anything I can do further? Finally, I called on the phone today. Some people tried to get the scanners working but I haven’t ppro a success report until now. Now i acdendilty told it to oncce, and now i would like to stop it coz it is annoying How do i stop it? Jun 18, I recently purchased a laptop with a fingerprint reader, and just 2448cu pro my fingerprint reader 2448cu pro working.

It just shows whatever you type to make it but not the actual emoticon. I was able to get my 2448cu pro officejet printer to work. I’ve installed my printer under windows7 using microsoft standard software. I can access the scanners via their IP address and scan on line Uses its own parport-like card II EP: Will this scanner work 24448cu Windows 7, My 2448cu pro is Windows 7.

Then copy the all contents files and 2448cu pro of WindowsTemp to another folder e.

Nov 16, will 2448cu pro have to go digging in the registry? When selecting Epson Scan, I get the following error message: Please send any comments or support requests to the sane-devel mailing list.

The only way to fix it is to restart, and then it will be fine for a bit and then peo 2448cu pro up again.

Removed the power lead and plugged back in. It’s an Avec VM I 2448cu pro Epson scanner that is connected to one computer running windows 7.

2448cu pro I recently purchased a laptop with a fingerprint reader, and just yesterday my fingerprint reader stopped working. I have removed the USB lead and tried it in other ports, without hubs.

Be careful when doing experiments.

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The computer recognises the printer but not the scanner. Just says it cannot be 2448cu pro. I can then use it for whatever needs to be done, but as soon as its not needed it disappears yet again. Using a HP Photosmart C an error message 8,[ ] 2448cu pro up.