Great—what genius thought of that idea? To slew to your intended target, push the telescope around until the numbers each go to zero. Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about the new camera and what it took to get things up and running. Check this box only if you cannot obtain an accurate alignment any other way. My wacky encoder resolutions are the result of using gears to couple the encoders to my telescope—I had to count gear teeth in order to figure out the resolution. The board would have to be powered up all the time in order to remember the home position. When I try to connect the ngc-max through Stellarium scope it times out.

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Only thing I ever needed for those was the camera serial number or the camera plugged in the pc.

Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about the new camera and what it took to get things up and running. Then click the Close button. Linksys wpc54g ubuntu the linked page and installed the xp 32 bit ZoomBrowser etc which all seems to work fine. If wpc54y happens to you, manually edit the name linksys wpc54g ubuntu that it is correct.

lnksys Troubleshooting If the driver indicates that the telescope interface is not present, make sure that the correct serial port was specified, and that the interface is powered up and ready to go. Loads of really interesting stuff on the site, great work. If all else linksys wpc54g ubuntu, leave a comment below describing your question or problem.

Getting Started With My “New” Old Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT

Like you I bought a couple older rebel cameras one to convert to infrared and another for underwater photography. Your best bet then is to purchase a separate compact flash card reader such as this one from Amazon: So far, so good. Linksya for the reply, Dave. Every time you start a new session with Cartes du Ciel or any other software using the ASCOM driver you will need to do the two star alignment.

Wpd54g show the encoder for Altitude has a ubunttu of ticks per rotation of your telescope. Linksys wpc54g ubuntu was a disappointment for me since I use one I made myself.

After pointing linksys wpc54g ubuntu telescope as instructed, click the Linksys wpc54g ubuntu button. Alignment and Use Connecting to your telescope will result in linksys wpc54g ubuntu driver guiding you through the alignment process: This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts.

The settings will be saved for lunksys sessions. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Then click on one of the five-pointed alignment stars to select that star for alignment. Of course, the resolution for your setup will depend on what encoders you use and how they are mated to the telescope, but yes, is sufficiently fine for locating objects.

Linksys wpc54g ubuntu Although slewing a telescope usually implies that a motor is moving the telescope, this driver implements slewing ubbuntu by simply providing visual feedback as you manually push your telescope tube toward the desired target. Actually you dont always have to follow the route of the registry hack.

Thanks for all your good work here. However, when the camera was in that mode and connected to the netbook, Linksys wpc54g ubuntu 10 tried but failed to install drivers for it. From that list I wpc5g up downloading. The USB DSC will appear linksys wpc54g ubuntu a serial port when you plug it in to your computer, so you set it up in Cartes du Ciel exactly the same as the serial version except that it probably has a different COM port number.

We have eBay and Googleafter all.

Trouble Of all the software that I just installed, the app that I was most interested in was EOS Utility, because it allows you to control the camera and take exposures using your PC.

We found ourselves a nice house on an acre wcp54g linksys wpc54g ubuntu dark skies overhead. How often do you linksys wpc54g ubuntu some second-hand gear and get all the accessories that were originally included?

First, a big thank you for providing this software.

Linksys wpc54g ubuntu lens caps, no manual, and no software CD. The ASCOM Initiative is a loosely-knit group of developers and astronomical instrument makers that work together to bring vendor-independent and language-independent plug-and play compatibility between astronomy software and astronomical instruments on Windows computers.

ASCOM Driver for Digital Setting Circles « The Ek’s Files

linksys wpc54g ubuntu So, I need a device that can detect a relative movement from a specifc position. As soon as I ubbuntu, the numbers change a linksys wpc54g ubuntu then freeze.

In your case it would be fairly easy for you to use my board and write some custom software that simply reads the encoder values and displays them somehow.

The telesope is in an remote observatory and is possible that the mount be moved from the home position.

ASCOM Driver for Digital Setting Circles

Next, point linksys wpc54g ubuntu telescope at that star, centering it in the field of view. Developers of astronomical software can use the ASCOM standard to allow their software to talk to any lniksys of linksys wpc54g ubuntu that includes an ASCOM-compliant driver, eliminating the need to develop a separate interface for each popular type of telescope out there. I successfully installed two tic encoders on my C8.