All AIX releases include multiple 5. Estimated delivery Dec The response — as you can see from the following videos — has been universally positive. The results of those projects resulted in several patents and products — AND Peter leaving his directorship after 25 years to join Comhear in July of as the company’s Chief Science Officer. YARRA 3DX is the world’s first 3D audio reproduction system that delivers the same immersive entertainment experience as multiple speaker home theaters and 3D audio headphones. When the two isolated channels of audio recorded through the “dummy” head are played back through headphones to your ears, you experience a very convincing recreation of the original event.

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Multiple speakers can be convincing but are expensive and impractical except at the local multiplex. We’ve secured strong relationships and know the costs needed to produce tooling, purchase materials, manufacture units, and distribute the YARRA 3DX smart bar to consumers.

Headphones deliver left hrtf 3dx audio right channels exclusively to our ears minimizing the sense of space. The result is better audio fidelity, more accurate sound staging, hrtf 3dx audio low level detail, and completely natural hearing that surpasses traditional sound bars — aydio even multiple speaker setups and immersive headphones! I could write another few lines about my excitement, but you will all experience it next year.

Estimated delivery Dec Experience hrtf 3dx audio magic of music in immersive, hi-res audio just as the musicians and engineers crafted it in the studio. I cannot praise the team enough for their communication.

Reproducing externalized sound cues without the need for bulky headphones takes gameplay grtf a new level. Estimated delivery Mar Funding period Sep 12, – Oct 27, hrtf 3dx audio days. YARRA 3DX is the world’s first 3D audio reproduction system that delivers the same immersive entertainment experience as multiple speaker d3x theaters and 3D audio hrtf 3dx audio. The sound was coming from everywhere! The real question is which methods is the most convincing, cost effective, and easiest to use?

Headphone audio suffers from crosstalk isolation and low quality stereo placement in space. Our goal is to reimagine immersive, 3D audio using innovative cutting edge technologies.

Reward no longer available. You think you are in the middle of a movie, hrtf 3dx audio game hrtf 3dx audio in a perfect concert hall. 3dd 3DX has settings to match your individual ears, providing a personalized sound field that perfectly recreates everyday auditory experiences.

Kickstarter is not a store. The x-axis is frequency and the y-axis the sound pressure level. The ability to create a wrap around sound stage is absolutely stunning.

YARRA 3DX: The Most Advanced 3D Audio System In The World by Comhear Inc. — Kickstarter

Another detail desktop users will appreciate are the adjustable “end stands”. You can still get one by going to our InDemand hrtf 3dx audio at Indiegogo. I left thinking this may well replace my high end audio speakers as well.

The third method uses crosstalk cancellation methods to focus narrow beams of discrete sound to your left and right ears WITHOUT headphones or multiple arrays of speakers. Transaural 3D audio provides two critical elements that have been missing in traditional headphone delivery: The first requires a large number of speakers positioned strategically around a room.

Reward no longer available 1, backers. This is just crazy! Hrtf 3dx audio is transformed from traditional stereo to a multidimensional envelope of warm, hrtf 3dx audio sound.

They specialize in the design and development of consumer electronics systems, servicing major brands with a focus on life-style audio products. Zylux was founded inand has grown into a multinational company with a global presence in Asia, North America hrtf 3dx audio Europe. The result is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.


When you hrtf 3dx audio that everything we hear — including all directional information — is the result of our two ears and the processing that goes on in our brains. Both of our ears are needed to xudio individual sounds. Check out the FAQ.