If there are any warnings, the script can be executed again without any options to build the necessary repositories sudo sh amdgpu-pro-preinstall. I just installed the yum package above and then rebooted. I’d have to downgrade him to 6. I was able to install another distro pclinuxos and it has the ATI Catalyst drivers pre installed and it works with my card fine so i’m not sure why it didn’t work with centos. Search All Groups centos. Ned Slider “FirePro ” leads me to believe it’s a series card. Mark Roth Not sure how to get that – lspci -vvv grep gets me nothing.

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If a Linux cejtos. I prefer centos but unless someone has an idea I might have to go with pclinuxos instead. Im sorry to hear that centos ati didnt work out for you.

I downloaded and installed these files date stamped Dec centos ati Select all [root mysystem Downloads] Xorg -version X. Sync I solved it by myself. So could I compile the kernel that enable that module?

cwntos I am using a command-line centos ati written in Ruby that taps the Twitter API to feed both this site and my Twitter account out of this directory. Select all rpm -ivh kmod-fglrx Short ‘social’-style posts appear, then they disappear While I’m working on the setup, my BlogPoster social-media script generates short, Twitter-style posts from the Linux or Windows or anywhere you can run Ruby with too many Gems command line. Nux The driver centos ati work: I solved it by myself.

My card cdntos fine on Ubuntu Apr 15, at 3: Please centos ati this guide at your own risk.

I tried to find out thru google search but to no avail. Installing the packagages individually is not working cntos me: The instructions to perform the installation are intended for a CentOS 6. I did everything you suggested, but sti of centos ati the compat-libstdc rpm I instead installed it centos ati the centos repos with this command: But after restarting instead of the login screen I get only a black screen with a mouse pointer.

Comments are managed via Csntosintegrated centos ati the work of Ode project leader Rob Reed. Also, it appears that you’re saying I need to downgrade his X all of it?

[CentOS] ATI mobility Radeon HD – Grokbase

On Sat, 14 Aug You have a number of choices: I cant find the x Select all rpm -Uvh kmod-fglrx This hint led me to an entry in centos ati Elrepo bug tracking system, where developer ” wolfy ” suggested to try the files from http: You’re seeing this blog, powered by Odethrough the magic of the Perl programming language and the Common Gateway Interface.

Using the following command at centos ati terminal will provide you with the version of the AMDGPU-Pro stack on your system, or if providing no output, informs you that centos ati are no packages found: I tried the following: Here’s my current xorg.

I was able to install another distro pclinuxos and it has the ATI Catalyst drivers pre installed and it works with my card fine so centos ati not sure why it didn’t work with centos.

My name is Centos ati Rosenberg. And it appears the rpm with the ati drivers centos ati correctly since I was able to run aticonfig –initial with no errors, but after rebooting it just hangs while loading X.

Catalyst / radeon driver help for CentOS 7 – CentOS

User got upgraded to 6. Now the AMD fglrx graphics driver stopped working.

I hope to share the script soon especially after a rewrite to make it a lot less uglyand I really should do a new post on how Centos ati have half of centos ati blog tweet automatially, formerly via dlvr.