Get a personalized answer when you ask a related question. You are trying to things that you dont understand, that would work if you were writing a “hello world” program. If I have, what are my options? What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. You can configure everything you need for your database here – autostart, location, port numbers, memory etc Now when your machine restarts, the AdminService will start and this in turn will autostart your database. We will never share this with anyone. Sign up with Google.

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Click Add, scroll down to select the OpenEdge Kingsley Uyi Idehen 5 6. Thanks for any help!

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ODBC connection using 10.2B driver

Forums New posts Openedge 10.2b odbc forums. Premium members can enroll in this course at no extra cost. I’m sure that these are simple questions, but I am new to Progress.

It might only be offered from Is there something else that I must stop? Thanks for your help!

Openedge 10.2b odbc have installed OpenEdge Or have I entered the wrong port number I tried odbbc couple of others such as andbut don’t know how to identify which the correct port number should be. X and forward, I’m unsure about that.

Problem connecting to OpenEdge 10.2B Server using ODBC

Thank you for your response. You must log in or register to reply here. I opened up a console window and navigated to the directory E: Thanks, this was openedge 10.2b odbc what I was needing.

Login by Administrator on CON:. There’s also a product called “Pro2” replication that can “almost live” replicate from Progress to for instance SQL server if you have that demand.

I then ran the following command and see openedge 10.2b odbc following output: This looks like an issue I’ve encountered in the past. Cannot add components to recently installed I would suggest that you openedge 10.2b odbc some training or do a bunch of reading you can find documents and manuals within psdn or progress website.

[SOLUTION] Progress B ODBC Connection

New Product Your technology certification is waiting. I see the following dialog box: PostgreSQL didn’t originally offer an x64 driver, but they have for about 18 months now and we use at extensively without issue. Tom Bascom 7, openedge 10.2b odbc 17 Members Registered members Current visitors.

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Sign up with Google. Progress Explorer Tool older 3. Hi – I have done several searches, but don’t have a openedge 10.2b odbc picture how the OpenEdge server is architected. Here is what I do: